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Here attach many easy program so that a beginner learner can start his/her C programming properly and can evaluate logic properly.

  1. Hello World
  2. Summation of two number
  3. Eligible age for vote
  4. Calculate area of a circle
  5. Calculate area of a triangle
  6. Calculate area of a rectangle
  7. Calculate area of a rectangle, triangle and circle
  8. Bonus on employment salary
  9. Print even or odd number
  10. Leap year
  11. Input any key from key-board and display key's feature
  12. Find large number of two or three given numbers
  13. Print ASCII value of a character and number
  14. Print all ASCII value
  15. Print vowel or consonant
  16. Find is the given number positive, negative and zero
  17. Summation, Subtraction, Multiplication and division
  18. Distance between two point
  19. Swap two numbers
  20. Temperature Conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin and Vice versa
  21. Character conversion
  22. find if triangle or not
  23. find two same integer constant
  24. A general instruction for cleaning room by a robot
  25. Input any number and find color name
  26. Given four co-ordinates and find the area of a rectangle
  27. Given number is square able or not
  28. Enter positive number and convert negative number and vice versa
  29. Profit or loss on selling goods
  30. Calculate area and circumference of circle
  31. In a integer, count digits,sum of digits,reverse the integer and print even and odd digits of the integer
  32. Find the basic salary, facilities on total salary except tax
  33. Calculate roots of quadratic equation
  34. Solve simple formula solution
  35. Calculate result CGPA in one subject

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