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C enables programmers to break up a program into segments commonly known as function,each of which can be written more or less independently of the others.

  1. Function_ area of a triangle
  2. Function_ area of a rectangle
  3. Function_ area of a circle
  4. Function_ average of given input
  5. Function_ calculate factorial
  6. Function_ find even and odd of an integer
  7. Function_ find large number
  8. Function_ given number is square type or not
  9. Function_ find leap year
  10. Function_ find leap year in range
  11. Function_ find maximum and minimum of an integer
  12. Function_ find prime number
  13. Function_ find prime number in range
  14. Function_ swap two number
  15. Function_ reverse of an integer
  16. Function_ count of total digits of an integer
  17. Function_ summation of each digits of an integer
  18. Function_ find divisible number
  19. Function_ convert given total-time into minutes
  20. Function_ convert positive to negative and vice versa
  21. Function_ find if triangle or not
  22. Function_ general instruction for cleaning room by robot
  23. Function_ a equation for finding velocity and distance

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