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String works on any writing statement. Generally we work with string on alphabetic statement.

  1. String_ read and display
  2. String_ compare two string
  3. String_ find any character with position
  4. String_ space count
  5. String_ find string length
  6. String_ count vowel and consonant
  7. String_ count total word in a string
  8. String_ convert all character from UPPERCASE to lowercase
  9. String_ given string is palindrome or not
  10. String_ count total sentence in a string
  11. String_ reveres a string
  12. String_ sentence case in a string
  13. String_ convert from lowercase to UPPERCASE of given string
  14. String_ Capitalize Each Word in a string
  15. String_ count total line in a string
  16. String_ word by word reveres of a string
  17. String_ extracting a substring from left
  18. String_ extracting a substring from given string


  1. String_ CMP - strcmp function
  2. String_ CMP - strcat function
  3. String_ CMP - strcpy function
  4. String_ CMP - strstr function
  5. String_ CMP - strchr function

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